Cornwall v PCC Inter club fixture will now be held on Sunday 19th March. 

General Information re Cancellations.

Grade 1.

  • In the event of bad weather and Grade 1 Friday evening cricket needs to be cancelled, parents will be advised by text or email.

Grades 2-5.

  • Grafton Cricket Club are responsible for junior (Grades 2-5) cancellations for the 2016-17 playing season. Cancellations will be posted on their website by 7.15am on the day in question. Please click on the link above for direct access to their website.
  •  Note that Auckland Cricket is NOT responsible for the cancellation of Grades 2-5.
  • In addition cancellations for Grades 2 to 5 will also be broadcast on NewstalkZB, after the 7.00am and 7.30am news bulletins.

Grades 6 and above, including Girls grades.

  • Note that Auckland Cricket are responsible for Grades 6, 7, 8, 9/10, U18 and all Girls grades cancellations including ground changes.
  • Cancellations or ground transfers for the those grades will be placed on the Auckland Cricket website from 7.00am on the day in question. (Afternoon cricket cancellations or ground transfers will be advised by 9.00am). 
  • Note if there is no mention of your game being cancelled then it is ON. However should the weather deteriorate to such an extent during play that the wicket becomes dangerous or otherwise unplayable, then, by mutual consent with the opposition team, the game should be abandoned.


  • For information regarding team (Club & representative) practice cancellation please contact your team coach.
  • Scheduled professional coaching sessions taken by Ian Trott will not be cancelled. In the event of bad weather, Ian will hold his sessions indoors.