Grades 6, 7 & 8 (School years 6, 7 & 8)


Registrations for the 2018-19 playing season will re-open in mid August.

2017-18 Grade co-ordinators are as follows:



 The 2017-18 playing season for all Grades is as follows:

Commence Saturday 28th October.                                                                                           Last playing day before Christmas-Saturday 16th December.                                                   Restart post-Christmas, 2018- Saturday 3rd February.                                                             Final playing day for season-Saturday 24th March, 2018. 

  • Grade 6: All teams in Grade 6 play on Saturday mornings commencing at 8.30am.
  • Grades 7 & 8 Premier teams play on Saturday afternoons commencing at 12.30pm.
  • Grades 7 & 8 A (& B) Grade teams play on Saturday mornings commencing at 8.30am.

Note that teams in these grades play against clubs from across Auckland so some travel is required to game venues when playing away from home.


  • DRAWS:

Please click here to go to the Auckland Cricket website for all weekly draws.


Please click here to see the club playing dates for the 2017-18 playing season.


The playing rules & conditions for all Grades 6 and above, including Girls Cricket are prepared by Auckland Cricket Association (ACA) and are available by direct link to the Auckland Cricket website, as below. These can be printed for your own use. (There are no printed Handbooks available this season).

Grade 6:

Grade 7:

Grade 8:


CricHQ will again be used as the Auckland Cricket Competition Management and Live Scoring System for the 2017-8 season.

The results of all games must be entered in CricHQ by 5pm on the Monday after the weekend of play.


All cancellations for Grades 6-8 will be advised by Auckland Cricket and posted on their website on the day in question. 


  • Auckland Cricket have organised a new Grade 8 post-Christmas competition commencing Saturday 11th February, 2017. This is for those players who were in Year 8 at the start of the 2016-17 season but wish to play Club Cricket post-Christmas. Players will be in Year 9 at college (and may well be playing Saturday morning college cricket but wish to play Saturday afternoon club cricket as well).
  • Two competitions will be offered-a Two Day comp and a One Day comp, with all games starting at 1.00pm on Saturday afternoons.
  • Further details can be found on the Auckland Cricket Website.


  • Now known as Junior Open Grade, this grade is available to those players who were in Year 9 or 10 at the start of the 2016-17 cricket season.
  • Two competitions will be offered-a Two Day comp and a One Day comp, with all games starting at 1.00pm on Saturday afternoons.
  • Further details can be found on the Auckland Cricket Website


  • WHO:

Grade 6, 7 & 8 cricket is suitable for boys in Years 6, 7 & 8 at school.

Girls in these years please refer to the Girls Grade 4+ section. 

Year 8 grades will run throughout the season, but will be split into two half-seasons and require teams to re-enter after Christmas.  This is to take into account the fact that these players move onto secondary school in the second half of the season and will likely be playing secondary school cricket.  Some may only want the one morning game (for their school); others may be drafted into the new Colts grade which runs on a Saturday afternoon (information on this will be advised).  The half-season re-entry allows clubs to establish how many players they will have returning to play in the Year 8 grades and, if necessary, alter the number of teams they wish to re-enter.  In the school competition period after Christmas these Year 8 grades will start at 1.45pm on a Saturday afternoon.

  • WHAT: 

Teams (10 or 11-a-side) play in the Cricket Express Junior League (CEJL) Saturday morning competition with the exception of Grade 7 & 8 Premier teams that play on Saturday afternoon.  The teams are graded and play limited-over games. (see Grade 6 to 8/Coaching Schedules section of menu for trial times). All teams play with a Junior size Hard Ball. The format for the competition varies for each grade (See Draw & Rules below for more detailed information). 

All teams will have a mid-week practice session organised by their Parent Coach at a time that suits. In addition the Club will schedule regular team coaching net sessions with one of our professional coaches to assist in developing player's basic skills. A coaching schedule for each team will be posted at the start of the season. All team parents are encouraged to attend ACA Coach Qualification programmes. Details of these will be advised throughout the season.

  • WHERE: 

The CEJL cricket competition involves teams from the Greater Auckland area and may include North Harbour. Games are played at venues throughout the region. Detailed maps are located on the Auckland Cricket website, or go to Ground Maps in the main menu.

  • WEAR: 

Players should wear the Parnell Cricket Club polo shirt and white long pants which are available from Players Sports, 14 Melrose Street, Newmarket. Ph 522 8170. A sunhat is essential and PCC caps and hats are also available at Players Sports.

For all hardball cricket, the Club's policy is that all players must wear a cricket helmet when batting and suggest that they acquire their own helmet to ensure best fit. While many players in these grades have some of their own playing equipment all teams are supplied with enough equipment to cater for players without their own gear.

Coaching SUPPORT:

Parnell Cricket Club provides comprehensive professional coaching support at all levels. Pre-season clinic and holiday clinics are also run.

Weekly team coaching times will be set by each team's parent coach at the start of the season. In addition, all Grade 6, 7 & 8 teams will have regular sessions with Parnell's professional coach - Ian Trott - Days and venue TBA.  Please contact Ian on 021 2592441 if your team is unable to attend


Please refer to Junior Policies section for the Club's policy on selecting junior teams.