Health & Safety Policy of Parnell Cricket:

The Club actively encourages a safe playing environment for all of its members whilst playing or observing cricket at the Club's cricket grounds. Highlights of the Club's Health & Safety policy are as follows:

  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility -we all need to help the club to identify potential hazards.
  • Please ensure that all safety equipment is maintained correctly and raise any defects to the Club Manager as soon as possible.
  • Personal protective gear is warn at all times and its correct use is coached (Helmet, pads, gloves, box etc).
  • All visitors and volunteers must comply with Health and Safety Rules.
  • All accidents, however minor must be reported to the Club Manager.
  • First Aid boxes are located under the bench in the main Parnell Clubrooms and in the kitchen drawer in the Terry Jarvis Centre.
  • Coaches are responsible for the players  in their team and must do their best to ensure the health and safety of everyone taking part in cricket activities.
  • Good net discipline is strongly recommended -never turn your back on bowlers; deliberate fast short pitched bowling must also be monitored.
  • Particular care should always be taken when using bowling machines (please refer to the full H&S Plan for more detail).
  • Pay particular attention to Significant risk areas for cricket:

        *On field Ball Impact. 

        *On field Injury Impact

         *Sun/heat related conditions

          *Workloads of players (especially fast bowlers) need to be managed

  • All external contractors must follow and adhere to the Parnell Health and Safety Policy when working onsite.

Please click here to read the full Health & Safety Policy, as prepared by the Auckland Cricket Association.