Notice of 161st Annual General Meeting

To be held in the Mike Simpson Lounge, 32 Shore Rd Reserve on Wednesday 31st July 2019 at 6.30 pm


1.          Welcome by Chairman

2.          Apologies

3.          Condolences (Bryan Haggitt)

4.          Confirmation of Minutes of previous AGM (Craig Presland)

5.          Chairman’s Annual Report (Craig Presland)

6.          Presentation of Annual Accounts (Greg James)

7.          Election of Officers (Craig Presland)

Life Members (TBC) and Honorary Vice Presidents (TBC), each nominator to speak for 2 to 3 minutes.                

8.        Confirmation of Board Members (Craig Presland)

·         Dominic Drumm, after 4 years’ service, will not be seeking re-election on PCC’s Board

·         Simon Wood stood down from PCC’s Board in February 2019

·         PCC wishes to increase the size of its Board from 6 to 7 directors requiring an amendment to clause 7.2 of its Constitution, the following is proposed:

“That PCC’s Board size be increased from 6 to 7 members in order to better reflect and serve the growth of female cricketers within the club”.

As a result, 3 vacancies have arisen, while we have received 3 notified nominations to fill these positions, each nominee to speak briefly to their nomination at the AGM:

·         Kelly Baxter

·         Gemma Lord

·         Peter Hickman

Each nominee to speak for 2 to 3 minutes on the value which they would be bringing to PCC’s Board.

9.         Appointment of Hon. Solicitor and Auditor (Craig Presland)

·         Peter Speakman to remain Hon Solicitor

·         Denise Gregory to remain Auditor

10.      Address from Auckland Cricket Assoc. (Iain Laxon or Dean Bartlett)

11.      Proposed subscriptions for the 2019-20 season (Phil Horne)

12.     General Business (Craig Presland)    


President: R M Smith Chairman: C M Presland. Hon. Secretary: C E Speakman. Director of Cricket: P A Horne.

Ground and Office:32B Shore Road.

PO Box 28 068, Remuera, Auckland 1050

Phone: 09 520 5933