Grade 1 (Ages 4 to 6 years)


Note that Grade 1 enrollments remain open throughout the season. There is NO close off date for this Grade. 

Half price subs for the 2nd (Post-Christmas) half of the season. Just $85 for 8 weeks of enjoyable cricket for our Year 0/1 Players.

Sessions are held on Friday evenings from 4.45pm to 6pm. The Club provides a BBQ sausage sizzle at the conclusion of each session as well as having the bar open for parents to mix and mingle. 


The Grade 1 coordinator for the 2017-18 season is Liz Hewes. Please contact Liz at or 021 401710 for any queries or requests regarding Grade 1.

  • WHO

Grade 1 cricket is suitable for children (boys & girls) in School Years 0 & 1. Older children are welcome to join at this level if they are new to cricket but we also cater for new players in the older grades.


 All Grade 1 cricket will take place on Friday afternoons in front of the Parnell Clubrooms at Shore Road Reserve (Near the children's playground). These Friday after school sessions are supervised by the Club's qualified cricket coaches. Parent assistance is encouraged.

  • WHEN

 The 2017-18 playing season for Grade 1 is as follows:

Commence Friday 27th October.                                                                                           Last playing day before Christmas-Friday 15th December.                                                       Restart post-Christmas, 2018-Friday 2rd February.                                                               Final session for season-Friday 23rd March, 2018. (Includes Grade 1 break-up).

  • TIME

Start time is 4.45pm and the sessions generally finish around 6.00pm. The Club operates a BBQ sausage sizzle during the evening and the bar will be open for refreshments. 

There are NO mid-week practice sessions for this age group.

  • WEAR

Children should wear the Parnell Cricket Club polo shirt which is available from Players Sports, 14 Melrose Street, Newmarket. Ph 522 8170,  plus white shorts (or suitable light-coloured shorts). A sunhat is essential and PCC caps and hats are also available at Players Sports. Suitable footwear, such as sneakers, should be worn.

All cricket equipment is provided in a team gear bag so there is no need to invest in cricket gear until you are sure of your child's commitment.


If necessary to cancel due to bad weather, parents will be advised by email/txt on the Friday afternoon. 

  • WHAT

Children in Grade 1 participate in the Club's junior cricket programme, which aims to teach fundamental cricket at this level. The programme is built around a series of different skill modules and games to provide a fun and varied programme each week. Experience has shown us that children of this age do not have the attention span to play full games of cricket and not only enjoy this varied programme more but also learn better fundamental skills to prepare them for games in Grade 2. Throughout the season teams will regularly participate in limited over games against each other to test their new-found skills in action.

All parents are expected to help, when they can, in these weekly sessions and the Club runs a pre-season training module for parents in order to prepare for this. Children get far more out of sport when their parents or caregivers become actively involved plus, with as many adults as possible involved each week, the burden does not fall on just one or two people and everyone gets to enjoy their involvement.


The Grade 1 coordinator for the 2017-18 season is Liz Hewes. Please contact Liz at or 021 401710 for any queries or requests regarding Grade 1.

"Our aim is to make participation in cricket as easy as enjoyable as possible - for both children & parents."