Welcome to Junior Enrolments

Registrations for the 2019-20 playing season ARE NOW OPEN.


Whether you have enrolled before or are a first time Parnell member, all players must register and pay on-line, either by credit card using MasterCard or VISA, or by internet banking. 

 Junior Family Membership. The club offers a $20 discount for the second and subsequent family players. If you are entitled to this discount you will be prompted once the registration process has been completed.

Registrations for Years 2 & 4 are now closed.

Please contact the following Grade coordinators if you wish to be considered for a late enrolment.

  • Year 2. Annick Larkin at annick@textstyle.co.nz or on 021 888631.

  • Year 4. Craig Cunningham at CraigC@wildfire.co.nz or phone 021 641 468.

Junior Subscriptions for the 2019-20 season are as follows:

Note:                                                                                                                            School year refers to the year at school in 2019.                                                                       All prices are inclusive of GST and include the cost of junior team photos.

Junior Mixed Grades-Softball grades.                                    

  • Year 0/1: $165.

  • Year 2. School Year 2: $185. Registrations are now closed.

  • Year 3. School Year 3: $205. Registrations are now closed.

  • Year 4. School Year 4: $225. Registrations are now closed.

Boys Grades (All ages as at 1st April)

  • Boys U10: $230

  • Boys U11: $230

  • Boys U12: $230

  • Boys U13: $130 (Pre-Christmas only)

Boys Youth Grades (All ages as at 1 April).

  • Boys U14: $235

  • Boys U16: $245

  • Boys U19: $255

Girls Grades (All ages as at 1 April).

  • Girls U9: $150 (Softball)

  • Girls U11: $165. (Softball & Hardball)

  • Girls U13: $210.

  • Girls U16: $230

    EDCA Associate Membership U15/U17/U19: $120.

    For those non Parnell members who wish to trial/play for EDCA representative teams.

  • Year 1 enrolments remain open all season.

  • Refund Policy. Up until the first date of Term 4, subscriptions will be refunded in full, less a $15 Administration Fee, for any member withdrawn. From the start of Term 4 until the first day of play for the season, 50% of the subscription will be refunded for any member withdrawal. After the start of the season, no refund is payable.