Welcome to Junior Enrolments

All Junior ENROLLMENTS for the 2017-18 season HAVE NOW CLOSED.

Registrations for the 2018-19 playing season will re-open in mid August.

2018-19 subscription rates will be advised after the Club's AGM on 8th August, 2018.



Whether you have enrolled before or are a first time Parnell member, all players must register and pay on-line, using MasterCard or VISA. 

  • This season, the Club's on-line registration system will be processed by ClubHub.
  • ClubHub allows registrations of a second (or subsequent) child from the same family at the same time, with a single subscription payment.
  • Junior Family Membership. The club offers a $20 discount for the second and subsequent family players. If you are entitled to this discount you will be prompted once the registration process has been completed.   

Junior Subscriptions for the 2017-18 season are as follows:                                       Note:                                                                                                                            School year refers to the year at school in 2017.                                                                       All prices are inclusive of GST and include the cost of junior team photos.

  • Grade 1 Boys & Girls $160. School Year 0, 1. (Beginner's grade). Post-Christmas Rate $85
  • Grade 2 $180. Boys & Girls in Year 2 at school. (Softball grade). Post-Christmas Rate $95
  • Grade 3 $200. Boys & Girls in Year 3 at school. (Softball grade). Post-Christmas Rate $95
  • Grade 4 $215. Boys & Girls in Year 4 at school. (Softball grade). Post-Christmas Rate $100
  • Grades 5, 6, & 7. $220. Boys only. For those in school Year's 5, 6 & 7 respectively. Post-Christmas Rate $110. 
  • Boys Grade 8. 1st half of season: $130. For those in Year 8 at school in the 2017 school year. 
  • Boys Boys Grade 8. 2nd half of season: $110. This applies to those players wishing to play for the Club post-Christmas-ie they will be in Year 9 at college in Term 1 in 2018.
  • Boys Year 9/10. Pre-Christmas rate: $120. For those in Years 9 & 10 at college but wish to play for the Club in the pre-Christmas Limited Over & T20 competitions. (This subscription covers both competitions).
  • Boys Year 9/10. Post-Christmas rate: $110. For those in Years 9 & 10 at college but wish to play for the Club after Christmas. (Combined school year grade).
  • Boys Year 9/10 T20 pre-Christmas competition: $55. This subscription is for the T20 pre-Christmas competition only.                                                                        (Please refer to the Year 9/10 section on this Website for further information relating to Year 9/10 competitions).
  • U19. 1st half of season $120. Includes both the T20 and the Limited Over competitions.  
  • U19. 2nd half of season $110. For the post-Christmas 1 Day competition.
  • U19. T20 pre-Christmas competition: $55. This subscription is for the T20 pre-Christmas competition only. 
  • Junior Girls U10: $155. Softball. Post-Christmas Rate $77.50
  • Girls U12 QuikHit $200. Softball. No team available
  • Girls U12 Hardball $220. Girls School Years 5, 6 & 7. Post-Christmas Rate $110
  • Girls U15 Hardball $220. U15 at 1 Sept. School Years 7, 8 & 9. Post-Christmas Rate $110
  • EDCA Associate U16/U18 $110. (Affiliated representative players). For those who wish to trial for EDCA representative teams but are not playing for Parnell in the 2017-18 season.
  • Secondary School Membership. $50 per year. This membership is available to all Secondary School players who are playing college cricket but wish to maintain a link with the Club. 

The key benefits are:

  1. Members discount off equipment from our key supplier PLAYERS SPORTS.
  2. TJC Indoor nets members discount.
  3. The possibility of playing matches outside of school commitments.
  4. Maintaining an ongoing link with a high profile Auckland club.
  5. PLEASE NOTE – This membership does NOT qualify for EDCA membership.

All subscriptions are GST inclusive and include the cost of team photos.

Grade 1 enrolments remain open all season and no late fee applies. After Christmas players pay only the "post-Christmas half season" subscription.
Refund Policy. Up until the first date of Term 4, subscriptions will be refunded in full, less a $15 Administration Fee, for any member withdrawn. From the start of Term 4 until the first day of play for the season, 50% of the subscription will be refunded for any member withdrawal. After the start of the season, there is no refund available on subscriptions.