Girls U11, U13, U16 & Girls/Women Open Grades:

Registrations for the 2018-19 playing season are now open.

  • WHEN

The 2018-19 playing season for all Junior Girls Grades is as follows:

Commence Saturday 27th October, 2018.                                                                             Last playing day before Christmas - Saturday 15th December.                                                   Restart post-Christmas. - Saturday 2nd February, 2019.                                                           Final playing day for season - Saturday 23rd March, 2019. 

A new grade introduced this season is the Girls/Women's Open T20 Grade which caters for female players who are aged 16 or older on September 1. Details below.

Please click here to see the Auckland Cricket Club Playing Dates Calendar for the 2018-19 season. A summary of the Auckland Cricket seasonal playing dates for all grades can be found by clicking here.


This season, following extensive research by NZ Cricket there are significant changes to Junior formats. These changes are known as AGE AND STAGE.                                                    These new formats are designed to offer a more dynamic, fast paced game that players can participate at their stage and appropriate level and develop their cricket skills.                  There is very good information on NZC website which explains the changes, has high profile endorsement and FAQs. Please click on the following link for further information.

To provide further detail please click on the link below. This is an explanation of the advantages of AGE AND STAGE by Dr Ian Renshaw. Dr Renshaw was responsible for advising on the changes made in Australia.

  • WHAT

A summary of the playing options for the Girls Grades are as follows: 

Girls U11 (Players must be Under 11 as at 1st Sept).                                                          Please note that players can only play in the one Saturday team. Two options are available.        When registering, please select one option only.

  1. Option 1-Softball Sixers. (Saturdays at 8.00 am-9.20 am. 12 overs/innings. 16m pitch. 6 players per team),  OR
  2. Option 2-T20 Hard Ball Smash (Saturdays 9.30 am-12.00 noon. 16m pitch. 8 players per team).


Girls U13 (Players must be Under 13 as at 1st Sept).                                                            Four options are available. Please note that players can only play in the one Saturday team. However they can play in the Saturday T20 competition as well as the Tuesday evening T20 competition.                                                                                                                     When registering, please select one option only. 

  1. Option 1-Saturday mornings Softball Sixers. 8.00 am-9.20 am. 12 overs. 18m pitch. 6 players per team.
  2. Option 2-Saturday mornings T20 Hard Ball Smash. 9.30 am-12.00 noon. 18m pitch. 9 players per team.
  3. Option 3-Tuesday evenings T20 Hard Ball Smash. 5.00 pm-7.50 pm. 18m pitch. 9 players per team.
  4. Option 4-Both the Tuesday evenings T20 AND the Saturday T20 games. (Hardball).

Players from the Saturday Hard ball grade cannot play for the Saturday Soft Ball teams without a dispensation from ACA. However they can play in either one or both the Hard Ball Smash options (ie Saturday & Tuesday) without dispensation required.


Girls U16 (Players must be Under 16 as at 1st Sept). 

  • T20 Hard Ball Smash. Saturday mornings. 9.30 am-12.00 noon. Full length pitch. 9 players per team. Pink ball.


Girls/Women's Open (Players should be 16 or older as at 1st Sept). 

  • T20 Hard Ball Smash (Saturdays 9.30 am-12.00 noon. Full length pitch. 9 players per team.



Full details of the 2018-19 Junior Girls Playing Conditions can be found on the Auckland Cricket Website. Ages are as at 1 September.


All Junior Girls Draws for the 2018-19 season will be available on the Cricket Express Junior Leagues' Homepage on the Auckland Cricket Website under Fixtures & Results.

  • CANCELLATIONS:                             

Auckland Cricket are responsible for cancellations for all Girls grades. Any cancellations or ground changes will be posted under Cancellations on the Cricket Express Junior Leagues' Homepage on the Auckland Cricket Website by 7am of the day in question..


All scoring should be done using Auckland Cricket's live scoring and management system, CricHQ 

The results of all games must be entered in CricHQ by 5pm on the Monday after the weekend of play.


  • The Junior Girls Grade Co-ordinator for the 2018-19 season is Sally Woodfield. Please contact Sally at or 021 1290037 for any queries or information relating to Junior Girls cricket.
  • The Girls Board Representative is Dominic Drumm. He can be contacted at or phone 021 987085..
  • The Girls Head Coach for the 2018-19 season is Jonathan McInroy. Jon can be contacted on 022 0236496 or


  • WHO: 

All girls in School Years 1 through to 3 play in mixed teams. However those in Years 4 & 5 are welcome to play either in a mixed team or in a "Girls Only" team

From School Year 6 onward all girls play in the Auckland Cricket girls (only) competition with a choice of different age groups and formats.


All girls teams will have a mid-week practice session which will be advised by the coach once teams have been confirmed. 

  • WHERE: 

The Auckland Girls cricket competition involves teams from all over Auckland so can move around. Generally, however, younger teams will be drawn to play at the one venue (Melville Park, Epsom). Details of all venues can be found under Ground Maps in the main menu.

  • WEAR: 

Players should wear the Parnell Cricket Club polo shirt which is available from Players Sports, 14 Melrose Street, Newmarket. Ph 522 8170. For soft ball games girls generally wear white shorts, whereas for hard ball games girls should wear white long pants as these are more comfortable when wearing cricket pads. Suitable footwear, such as sneakers, should be worn. A sunhat is essential and PCC caps and hats are also available at Players Sports.                        For hard ball games, the Club's policy is that all players must wear a cricket helmet when batting and suggest that they acquire their own helmet to ensure best fit. A helmet is provided in each team gear bag. All other required cricket equipment is provided in a team gear bag.


This season New Zealand Cricket now requires all junior team coaches of Years 1-5 to complete a Foundation Coaching Course and coaches of Years 6 & up must complete the Advanced Foundation Course. The Club's professional coaches will be holding a series of courses which all parent coaches must attend. Details to be advised.

In addition NZC are requiring that all coaches & team managers must provide a police vetting check for this coming season. This check will only advise serious crimes, not minor infringements and is now standard with most other sporting Clubs throughout the country. Please find the New Zealand Cricket message here.                                                      Further details to be be advised.


Please refer to Junior Policies section for the Club's policy on selecting junior teams